Welcome to the official web site of T.F. (Frank) Muir, one of Scotland’s most popular crime novelists. Frank is also published in the USA under the author name T. Frank Muir.

‘How well do you know the man you love?’  T.F. Muir

‘…a slow burn thriller that is impossible to put down…’  Caro Ramsay

‘Gilchrist is intriguing, bleak and vulnerable… If I were living in St Andrews I’d sleep with the lights on.’  Anna Smith

‘…a riveting plot that makes for a terrific read…’  Craig Robertson

‘…a bright new recruit to the swelling army of Scots crime writers…’Quintin Jardine

‘…a clever thriller, tinged with melancholy…’Karen Campbell

‘…everything that I look for in a crime novel…’Louise Welsh

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