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Okay, I’ve been asked by Caro Ramsay, the lovely looking crime writer with the long blonde hair, and whose books are always being nominated for some prize or another...


Busy little week

Happy to say that the launch of LIFE FOR A LIFE went well in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, and the following night in St. Andrews. Now about to head...


Can we really go it alone?

With all the talk about the imminent Scots’ referendum on independence, many of us are giving serious thought to the question, Can we really go it alone? How could...


One psychopath. One killer. The Stabber.

Six victims. Six wife-abusers. Each stabbed to death through their left eye.

The cobbled lanes and back streets of St Andrews provide the setting for these brutal killings. But six unsolved murders and mounting censure from the media force Detective Inspector Andy Gilchrist off the case. Driven by his fear of failure, and desperate to redeem his career and reputation, Gilchrist vows to catch The Stabber alone.

What is the significance of the left eye? How does an old photograph of an injured cat link the past to the present? And what exactly is our little group? Digging deeper into the world of a psychopath, Gilchrist fears he is up against the worst kind of murderer – a serial killer on the verge of mental collapse.

Can Gilchrist unravel the warped mind of a crazed killer? Can he alone work out who
and where the next victim is to be slain? With reckless resolve, Gilchrist risks it all in
a heart-stopping race to catch The Stabber, knowing that any mistake could be his last.

“…the unexpected plot twists and the simple humanity of the characters ensure you
keep reading.” The Scots Magazine

“…a book which seeks to play with the reader’s expectations of what a crime novel is
supposed to be.” The List

“…a tense, fast-paced crime novel… ” Scottish Review of Books

” …kept me turning the pages and left me wanting more.” Louise Welsh

What readers are saying about EYE FOR AN EYE:

Difficult to put down once you’ve got into it, and that takes all of two pages.

A very readable crime thriller that keeps you guessing virtually to the last page.

…keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing till the very end. Great book.

Pacey, thrilling, emotive and gripping to the last page. Strongly recommended!